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How can we help youThe three options

WordPress + PHP

The optimal solution for both big and small businesses, providing both ease of use and scalability.


Building modern online stores for your business.

Custom solutions

Interested in something out of the ordinary? We might be able to help with that too.


WordPress Website Development

Wordpress ServicesWordPress Website Development
  • Market leading SEO optimisation

  • Easy and intuitive content management

  • Custom theme done just for you

The easiest way to start with your website. The optimal solution for both big and small businesses, providing both ease of use and scalability.

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Option for you if
  • Cost is an important factor

  • Delivery time is an important factor

  • You want full control over the website content

Service cost

Our professional services are starting at £280 a day for bigger projects. Small websites are starting at £2500. Bigger, more complex builds cost usually between £5000 - £12000.

Sample project

Proudly supporting the 150th anniversary rebranding of the Press Association, with a smart and elegant WordPress build.


Speed & SecurityE-commerce
  • All the benefits of the WordPress Website (ease of use, SEO optimization, plugin base etc.)

  • Ultimate speed

  • Ultimate security (HTML files served from CDN network)

Combination of a WordPress based administration panel and static html generated by JavaScript - this solution combines all the benefits of a WordPress-based website with extremely fast loading time unparalleled by any other technology.

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Option for you if
  • You have big competition online

  • You sell physical goods

  • You want to scale your business quickly

  • Visibility in Google search results is important for you

Service cost

E-commerce solutions are usually complex projects ranging between £20 000 - £50 000.

Sample project
Pragmatic Solutions

Super fast , smart and elegant WordPress build.

Custom solutions

Custom solutions
  • Comprehensive UX / Design approach

  • Delivery for both Web & Mobile

  • LEAN cycle approach

Every business started from an idea and motivation to bring it to the market. The next step is finding the right people to build it.

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Option for you if
  • You have an idea and needs someone to help you build it

  • You are starting a SaaS business

  • You are a startup founder

  • You own IT company and need additional help

Sample project

Biggest social casino platform. From scratch to over 6000 players online within less than 2 years and growing.

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